New pralines in development and being tested in June 26th at my shop

Trying some different pralines this week:
Leiu Rose Natural Crushed hazelnutes and lavender
Tanja Maria or paisley lavender, cherries (plums) in dark chocolate with hint of vanilla and cacao nibs) in 3 layers
Sujatha Paisley orange / copper Inside crunchy orange bits in a dark chocolate ganache, with a base of caramel crunch
Sten Wedge (triangle) or leaf Green Mint, lime with a dash of run – two layers of rum and lime ganache, sugar cane and mint bottom)
Michaela 1 heart pink raspberry and lime with candified rhubarb
Michaela 2 coffee bean amaretto, whisky, coffee in three layers
Charlotte Square cocoa powder, coffee grains and salt chilli and dark rum
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