White chocolate pralines 2017

Come here to look at what I have been making in white chocolate. This post will be constantly updated. If you would like me to try a particular flavor or shape, just leave a comment below.

Liquorice and blueberry



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Praline Class (Jan 7th 2017) with Rickard and Kristin

Rickard made the bronze and green flowers filled with white chocolate, lime, black peppar and caramel. Whilst Kristin made liquorice and champagne in the gold and silver domes. All of them are gone now, but you are welcome to come and try the blueberry and liquorice pianos and bars at the shop next week. I will hold a praline tasting committee in March to choose some pralines made by people on the courses to introduce to the 2017 range. I know Rickard and Kristin’s will be used since they taste divine and leave you wanting more!

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2017 Praline making classes – currently booked

A lot of courses have been bought for presents over Christmas.  People are starting to book dates already.

Currently booked out are:

January – 7th, 20th, 28th and 29th

February – 11th, 14th and 19th

Please note you must use your voucher by April 2017

Most other dates are available, but please enquire.

Most Monday evenings I hold a drop in course starting at 18:00, but please check on 0703121287 if I will do it that day.

Please send your request below.


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New pralines in development and being tested in June 26th at my shop

Trying some different pralines this week:
Leiu Rose Natural Crushed hazelnutes and lavender
Tanja Maria or paisley lavender, cherries (plums) in dark chocolate with hint of vanilla and cacao nibs) in 3 layers
Sujatha Paisley orange / copper Inside crunchy orange bits in a dark chocolate ganache, with a base of caramel crunch
Sten Wedge (triangle) or leaf Green Mint, lime with a dash of run – two layers of rum and lime ganache, sugar cane and mint bottom)
Michaela 1 heart pink raspberry and lime with candified rhubarb
Michaela 2 coffee bean amaretto, whisky, coffee in three layers
Charlotte Square cocoa powder, coffee grains and salt chilli and dark rum
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Luxury praline event (3rd annual event) – JohanP – Thursday 8th September, 2016. 18:00 – 22:00

The perfect chocolate evening!

Discover artisan, handmade pralines by Lynn Pilling Chocolatier (Skåne).

I would like to invite you to spend a salubrious evening in Malmö getting to know more about my company and tasting the new range of luxury pralines designed for 2015 / 16.

Meet the team – Learn how we produce the pralines – Why we are unique

We will be serving chocolate, pralines, champagne and canopies whilst networking with exclusive participants (CEO / Company owners / Decision Makers).

If you are interested please email me at or call 0703121287 for more information.

Thursday, 8th September 18:00 to 22:00 (it’s optional to leave around 20:00 after the praline tasting)

I look forward to meeting you!


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