Grouped praline boxes

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A collection of handmade artisan signature pralines presented in luxury brown and gold magnetic boxes. The pralines are created after being inspired by people and are formed to represent their favourite flavor, taste, and colours.

Produced in Lund, Sweden the range changes every year.

Organic and high quality ingredients are used wherever possible and we don’t compromise because we love what we do and want to deliver a luxury experience for you.

Some of the pralines are complex and require a week to make, such as Johan. They are mostly named after people I know and reflect their personal taste.

All the pralines are tested on a praline tasting committee before they are released for production so we know you will enjoy them.

Adam and Yulia are the best selling pralines, so we have put them as the first two pralines in the boxes. However, you can look at the list of all the pralines created over the years and we can make these to order, but you need to send an email for special combinations to


2015 / 16 artisan chocolate boxes available to order from our website or pre-packed at various shops

2 pralines – Adam and Yulia

4 pralines – Adam, Yulia, Beatha, Magdeburg

6 pralines – Adam, Yulia, Beatha Magdeburg, Antonio, Rosa

9 pralines – Adam, Yulia, Beatha, Magdeburg, Antonio, Rosa and Matilda

12 pralines – Adam, Yulia, Beatha, Magdeburg, Antonio, Rosa, Matilda, Natural paisley, Lynn, Freddie, Viola, Marie O’ Marie

18 pralines – Adam, Yulia, Beatha,Magdeburg, Antonio, Rosa, Matilda, Natural paisley, Lynn, Freddie, Viola, Marie O’ Marie, Anna, Annie, Ulla, Solange, Johan (white heart), JN

*if certain pralines are not in stock, they may be replaced with another praline in the list

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Product Description

2015 / 16 Pralines:

1.Adam – Jack Daniels Bourbon, chili and sea salt

2.Annica – Japanese matcha tea with Swedish ecological honey served in a golden teapot – 3rd prizes at Lund’s Cake Competition when used in a cake.

3.Annie – pistachio nuts and ganache

4.Arne – strawberry protein powder and honey

5.Antonio – strawberry and marzipan

6.Barbro – caramel a la fleur de sel de l’Ile de Re et au Beurre des Charentes

7.Beatha- Colourful butterfly with blackberry

8.Bronze paisley – caramel and pistachio

9.Elisabeth – 23 carat golden decorated heart filled with chardonnay ganache

10.Golden Buddha head – Aberlour single malt whiskey and dark chocolate ganacheFreddie – Hazelnuts

11.Freddy – Pink heart filled with trinitario chocolate, strawberry and honey

12.Golden Croissant – Wake up to a little coffee and chocolate with a cheeky hint of champagne cognac

13.Golden Ganesh – 23 carat golden dark chocolate Ganesh motif

14.Johan – Absolute vodka with a lemon twist

15.Lovisa – mint

16.Lynn – Dark chocolate heart decorated with cacao nibs and white chocolate (the same chocolate prepared in 3 different ways within the same praline – shell, ganache and cacao nibs)

17.Magdeburg – Golden crown with kir and chardonnay ganache

18.Marcus – marshmallows and vanilla ganache

19.Marie – pistachio nut surrounded by an orange ganache

20.MikaelM – Pink cubism decorated with white trinitario chocolate and filled with an orange coloured mango ganache

21.Monica – A golden sitting Buddha filled with raspberry and liquorice

22.Natural paisley – caramel and lemon ganache

23.Selma – tuttifruitti ganache

24.Serena – mashmellows and peanut butter

25.Shirin – organic panama coffee ganache

26.Ulla – white pineau des charentres ganache

27.Wilda – raspberry ganache

2014 / 15 Pralines

1.Anders – Marzipan and hazelnuts

2.Anna – Limoncello and liquorice ganache

3.Annica – Marzipan and walnuts

4.Blue 22 – Kenyan coffee ganache blackcurrant, acid and bitter

5.Bronze 3 – Panama coffee ganache tropical fruits

6.Charlotta – Creme de cassis and almonds

7.Freddie – Hazelnuts

8.Golden 27 – Brazilian coffee ganache chocolate, nutty and rounded

9.Helena – Cardamom ganache

10.Jayne – Limoncello and coffee ganache

11.JN – Hazelnut and pineau des Charentes ganache

12.Johan – Marzipan, plum and red pineau des Charentes

13.Leo – Marzipan and pistachio nuts

14.Linda – Marzipan and pecan nuts

15.Lynn – Violet and white chocolate ganache

16.Maria O’ Maria (formerly known as Oliver) – Chilli and contreau ganache

17.Matilda – Mango and white chocolate ganache

18.Mikeal – Mango and white chocolate ganache with salted and roasted pistachio

19.Natural 8 – Ethiopian coffee ganache bergamot

20.Rosa – Pistachio nuts

21.Solange – Coconut, honey and white chocolate ganache

22.Tilda – Crème de marrons de l’Ardèche

23.Viola – Violet and white chocolate ganache

24.Yulia – Hazelnut nougart with salted and roasted pistachio nuts


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