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VEGAN pralines

Yes, we have a wide range of fresh, colourful and tasty VEGAN pralines available. I use 67% dark chocolate and oatly cream to create the base of my creations. Apparently, I have the largest range in Sweden and since opening the shop about 50 % of my customers buy the VEGAN pralines and 40 % are making them in praline making classes (see what praline are you for more information).

I had a successful posting in VEGO magasinet last month published by Mattias following a course he did in my shop.  Following the article, a lot more VEGAN customers are coming in. See VEGO magasinet website for other wonderful ideas and where you can get access to more VEGAN ideas http://www.vegomagasinet.se/ 

You’ll see me again there in March with suggestions of Easter pralines

Or you can read more at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lynnpillingchocolatier/photos/a.318906724826867.86998.272091856175021/1351259278258268/?type=3&theater

Contact me incase you would like to have a course in making VEGAN pralines or would like some making to order for you.

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