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What praline are you?

Food is such a personal relationship with health, time, flavours and money.  How much time do you think about what you would like to eat for your dinner? What would be the best meal you could desire to eat if you had every option available to you? Do you feel better after eating exactly what you wanted instead of just what you could get? If any of these questions strike a chord with you and you like chocolate, continue reading.

On the praline courses, you get a chance to choose from over 20 shapes, many colours & prints, and a wide range of flavours.  There is also the option to make VEGAN pralines, using an Oatly cream base.

With 78 courses currently booked since my shop in Malmö opened this year, everyone has a personal preference and are very delighted when they taste exactly what they wanted.  My shop, is the only shop, in the area that gives such courses.  I teach from 1 person or upto a group of 6.  Each group is generally private and you have the shop for as long as you need.

You can also place an order with you specifications e.g. a golden pyramid with raspberry and almond (min order is 300 kr) by email to info@lynnpillingchocolatier.com or call me on 0703121287

Have a closer look at some of the latest work: https://www.facebook.com/lynnpillingchocolatier/


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